Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say 'Cheeeese'...

10th day of November, 2009, a day to remember for it has taught me the need to be composed and accept things as they are, no matter how sucky they turned out to be. Learning a thing or two from the outcome is essential.

How i wish there were permissible submissions to loopholes in the law, to the Traffic Police Officers. The law regarding reversing out from a parking lot was in contention. Note: Irregardless of how negligent, ignorant, visually challenged and how fast a driver zooms past the main road next to your parking lot, he or she is not to be blamed for the one who is reversing has to make sure that it is safe before coming out from a parking space. Bum.

Toggling with the indicators helps, NOT. Pointless. You need to cordon off the perimeter of the entire size of the area (whilst reversing in your car at the same time) required for you to safely get out from the parking lot into the mainroad. So, my advice, hire a parking attendant to travel with you. Ladies, marry them.

I was booked for RM300.00 by the Authorities, i am infuriated. Trying out my advocacy skills learned from textbooks didn't help notwithstanding the silly grin painted on my face while negotiating with Judge Dredd.

Lessons learnt. Sulking and mulling over the unfortunate event offers no remedy in any form. Appealing against the decision of Judge Dredd would burn a hole in your wallet. Convincing the Magistrate you are not at fault would be so tough it would be easier to memorise the entire Mein Kampf. Compounding the ticket was so easy my dog's 9 year old fan could have done it with his lips barely moved.

With all things said and done, i have one last thing to do. Where can i get this tape?


anonymous said...

ya this is indeed very frustrating.i hate them too

zachary said...

I know! We are all stuck in a system we don't want in the first place. But of course there are more pressing concerns regarding police's wide powers.
Yea, gotta just deal with it.