Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have recently attended an annual forum organised by PSM (Parti Sosialis Malaysia), Socialism 2009 on the 14th and 15th of November, 2009 held at the Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur. PSM is a lawfully registered society in Malaysia since August 2008 after a long 10 years of struggle against the many obstacles put up by the R.O.S, the EC and the Government.

PSM is a party founded based on the socialist ideologies and strives to empower and strenghten the working class citizens of Malaysia against oppression, discrimination and aggression from the ruling party. To sum it up, PSM yearns for a classless society without being shackled by the archaic capitalist terms of bourgeoisie and proletarians.
PSM is the pillar of strength to the factory workers, hard labourers, farmers, fishermen, plantation workers, indigenous people, students and other members of the working class through community development projects to boast productivity and to empower the poor to lead the powerless, sidelined members of the society. Their main agendas are inter alia; Land and Housing rights, the re-introduction of Local Council Election, to Abolish the intrusive Internal Security Act 1960, pushing for worker's minimum wage, promoting a Clean and Fair Election, fighting against the privatisation of basic services such as the healthcare, water and electricity, Migrants and Refugees rights, Environmental Health and etc. You can read more about PSM's struggles here
Below are the pictures taken throughout the 2-days forum. Enjoy :)
A simple illustration of a capitalist system. Click on the picture for a larger image

Day 1 at the Chinese Assembly Hall

Day 2

Books on sale at the event. Below are the banners put up at the venue

The comrades kicked off the forum by singing the Internationale

Comrade Farish Noor, a Malaysian political scientist and the author of the book The Other Malaysia giving a fiery and insightful speech.

Treasurer of PSM, comrade Sivarajan A. sharing his views with the audience.

Member of the Partido Lakas ng Masa, (PLM), Philippines, comrade Teodorico Navea sharing his party's experience with the locals.

The Internationale reverberating in the air at the conclusion of the forum

Comrades from Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia singing Internationale in their own mother tongue.

My little red-book

Flyers found in the Green Left, an Australian Socialist weekly newspaper
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