Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Nostalgia Kicks You In The Head

It was 4 this morning when i decided to ransack my storeroom downstairs hoping to find something that would put me to sleep. Think books. With eagerness only a beaver could match i lifted up a stinking, ugly, dusty book hoping it would be the most boring book i have ever laid my eyes on. To my surprise *panting heavily with eyes wide open* the book in my hands is my dad's dictionary circa 1978-1979! For a moment i was smiling to myself not because i was pleased with the surprise but i reacted because it was darn funny. Old man has a dictionary? i asked myself.

How cool is that? It reads "Hey man, Cool it maaan!" Dad has multiple personalities. I know because i am his son and he can't hide them from me. On one hand he is Rod Stewart and on the other, John Travolta. He still has them now. Fact. There was one time i remembered vividly, He came home one evening, sashayed down the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, farted inside, shut the door. He was singing aloud to 'Daddy Cool'

This page was marked with a strip from the newspaper horoscope column. I wonder why. Probably some sort of a reminder that served some illusive purposes.

I believe the strip was a cut out from The Star newspaper. My sister's star sign. It reads "That special someone will soon be at your side again to complete the circle of intimate kith and kin. An ambience of love and cordiality can be savoured. Lucky number gold; lucky number 8" Ahaks..

I wonder why this page was torn diagonally where the definition of 'whore' is found. Bad experience perhaps.

He used this book to name my eldest sister. He came up with Wong Jo-Yee with Joey as her Christian name but he scrapped the initial idea and settled for Wong Choi Yee. You need to squint to read the small prints on the top right corner of the page. The weird thing is that moment when he named my sister, mom and dad had not even decided to have me as their second child and here i am puzzled at this page in awe. I wish i could dig up more gems like this one. I pat my back with my imaginary hand whilst trying to block the question in my head -why weren't there any hints of my name in the book? Hmm..

I'm a sucker to things which carry a rich historical background. Things that are "uniquely weird or weirdly unique" like i always tell myself when others don't react to my sudden burst of donkey adrenaline when these fine things call out for my attention. This piece is unique in itself but i found it too weird to my liking. It has a twisted effect on me. I can't and probably wouldn't attempt to explain why because i fear that i might just lose my old soul for reasons i recuse myself from any form of attention to. I'll just leave it at that for the moment.


anonymous said...

noob sial jo-yee sounds much better ><

zachary said... was a surprise knowing my sister's name this way.

anonymous said...

luckily your sis don't know about it

zachary said...

even if she did, there's nothing she can do about it ahaks..