Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How are you?
I think the best part of my head is that I live in it.
The worst part is I took no one with me. But i digress.
How are you?


Nevine said...

Zachary... short... and pretty damn amazing! An interesting question... When we are asked how we are, is the questioner really wanting to know? Do we really want to tell? Yes, the best part of our heads is that we live inside them... alone. Loved this!


Sam Liu said...

Short and very effective, often it's the briefest of texts that have the strongest impact. How am I? Always a puzzling question...not really an honest query, a way for society to initiate some sort of connection but, as Nevine said, does the other person really want to know? But then are all our relationships founded on a lie? Perhaps friends are only there as our mirrors...Brilliant, this piece has been my muse!

Gnetch said...

Did you know that "How are you?" is the most difficult question for me? I'm serious. Math may be difficult but "How are you?" is more difficult. At least for me. But I'm honest. Lately, when someone asks me, I'd always answer, "I don't know." Then they'd laugh. They always think
it was a joke.

How about you, Zac? How are you? And I'm sincerely asking you. Swear. ☺

bella said...

people are getting pretty deep into deconstructing this here question.

funny how no one has an answer!

here's a good suck-uppy answer which i would give to a teacher: "i'm feeling happy because i just laughed at your last post and listened to that song you've got posted there."

and to my mother, i would say "fine."

and to the sophisticatedly clever people who've commented above, i would throw together a bunch of, say, nine sophisticated words which hardly make a sentence to the extent that they actually do make sense in the most confusing way possible... do you get what i'm saying?

no one knows how they are!
shall we turn the tables?

how are YOU?

madison said...

I am a louse, and I am lovely.

zachary said...

Nevine & Sam Liu,
Sometimes i wonder why they'd ask such question. Maybe because it was appropriate to do so. Really, i would appreciate more if someone asks me "what have you screwed up lately?" or "what the fuck have you been doing lately?" and direct stuffs like that. I guess we are still searching for the truth and we are pretty much conditioned to ask appropriate questions like this. Maybe we are too afraid to be judged for being naive, shallow and insensitive if at all we deviate from the social norms?

I'm happy right now. I could've answered you earlier but i chose to reply now, after some drinks. I'm very happy now. *smooch*

Correct! no more homework til the end of the week:) *pats*
what are the nine words? Please it's killing me.
I'd say "what's wrong with me?" :)
I'm pretty gorgeous right about now. I don't know how i'd be tomorrow:)

Mallophaga or Anoplura? lol..
You're awesome:)

The Stepster said...

Am I allowed to quote you?

zachary said...

Do it it..