Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so true

I could never walk properly whenever I'm all by myself
too self conscious, too afraid of people looking and judging me
so, I normally would slouch
swing my arms around like rubber
and embarrass myself
better than being embarrassed by others
I like to make people feel secured and happy sometimes,
for not being as silly and ridiculous like me.


bella said...

i'm having trouble reading your post because i'm staring at your profile picture again.

i just really do love it.

Gnetch said...

Really? But you're awesome.

JenniAsh said...

We all have insecurities. You are not alone. This is a lovely piece, just don't let them bastards grind you down. :)

Sam Liu said...

Very true, beneath us all, there are aching insecurities. I love your powerful commentary, it really is quite wonderful :)

yunita said...

I am in the moment of my life where i stop worrying about what people say or think.

The insecurities is still there but i try to reduce it anyway i can. Being brave is one of them.

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

I hate that you feel like that because you are one of my favorite people that I have ever encountered in any way.

sarah said...

oh zachary.