Sunday, May 2, 2010


So you have a list of readers who comment and stuff, stuffs you doubt there would be any comments at all. Good. Jolly.

So you have no readers at all, stuffs you thought were too good not to have any comments at all, you didn't get any. Fine, sort out your hair, comb and all.

So you disabled the comment button and keep on writing what you always wanted to. You did well. Proud. Chest out, breathe and all.

So you finally realized you want some feedbacks from your readers, you allow comments, you realize you are hungry for fame. Dumbstruck, dazed, shower and all.

Then, you delete your blog, without saying goodbye to your favorite readers, no notice, nothing, not even a smiley emoticon to share.

note: I love you guys to bits. This is neither a notice, a goodbye nor a smiley emoticon.

Weekends right?


wallflower said...

This was interesting. :)

Mishieru said...

Hmmm, i wonder to whom this post is for Zach?

zachary said...

Thanks guys..
nah..not to anyone, just a random thought:)

Gnetch said...

I actually find it annoying when someone just deletes their blog without saying anything. It happened to me.

But, really, whom is this for? And don't you dare delete your blog! I have a knife, you know?

zachary said...

Really Gnetch, just a random thought..not directed to anyone:)

The Stepster said...

So what?
That's all that matters.