Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry guys, I've got nothing much to say let alone writing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach, i saw on my dashboard yesterday that you have a new post but i can't access it. Is it just my bad internet connection that i don't see it

This is such an irritating day that i wanna be a rebel...sigh!

zachary said...

hmm...there were 2 posts..I took them down heheh..

Anonymous said...

Oh i see. I was so irritated because i thought i was having problem with my connection.

You owe me one! Just kidding...:b

zachary said...

Hahaha..well they were a lil sensitive, to my close buddies so...i took them down..
I really don't have much to say lately :(


Anonymous said...

Okay! I understand. I hope you are fine.

Write when you're ready. Cheer up!

Ty ♥ KeLLs said...

hey zach, just a question. your profile pic, were you aiming to look liek david bowie? or did he steal YOUR style? :0p how have you been?

Paige Baker said...

And you give ME a hard time for taking things down?!! Hypocrisy... hahah

zachary said...

Ty KeLLs,
oh it was a coincidence heheh..well, the video was kinda positioned right next to my pic hmm..
I've been pretty good thank you:) Hey! it was kinda hard commenting on your posts:( I missed out on a couple of your posts.

Paige Baker,
Dang! you got me this time haha..
your post, were they referring to fishing or relationship? I interpret it to mean relationship, am i right?

Paige Baker said...

Who's they? It was about a relationship. Shit, does it seem like it's about fishing? haha

zachary said...

nah..just that sometimes my mind gets all caught up with words, fish, boat and the waiting part..
perhaps, it was my own fishing bad experience. Okay, so i'm on the right track..keep posting! ;)

Paige Baker said...

Haha, I like to use metaphors and maybe am not careful enough that it's clear they are? Although, I have never seen words turn to fish. haha

Gnetch said...

Hey. I'm at work so I can't see the video. This PC should be set on fire!!!

But you're okay, right? You are the Commander of the Ants. You're not allowed to be NOT okay. SuperGnetch says so.

P.S. I have seen the posts you have taken down. I hate you for it.

Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding!

zachary said...

hahaha... Gnetch I love you!
The one bout the wedding was wayyy too dangerous as all parties involved are all my buddies:(

neways, I'm fine thank you:)
work hard or i'll call them..

yunita said...

i thought i'm the only one who had nothing to say lately..

but David Bowie's video would be just as amusing as your spits of words.

zachary said...

Thank you Yunita.
I was a little late on David Bowie partially because I can't get the silly Ziggy Stardust image I had in my head everytime someone mentions David Bowie, but Rebel Rebel had really erased that image from my head. I appreciate his works more than ever now..

Gnetch said...

Well, of course I love you too. Look! I even came back to watch the video. And Tyla has a point. That's a hell of a coincidence!

And since we're changing I love yous now, we should get married. But I must warn you, I have a short temper. Do you have life insurance? I'm pretty violent.

Victoria-H said...

good choice of music tho ! :P

zachary said...

"I'm gonna do bad things to you"
That's the song or no deal! hahahahah!!!

Hey thank you:)
Juno, Into The Wild *drool*
I got nothing to say...brilliant!