Monday, November 22, 2010

Being able to assist someone in need of help is a great feeling.
Being able to rush someone to the hospital makes it better.
Driving your mom to the emergency unit is sad.
Mom broke her wrist from a fall.

" you gotta have to smile for "
" damn it! not now! "

She forced a smile out of pain. I know why she did it.

I think it wasn't for vanity, which made me felt like shit.

She's strong and I know she'll be fine in no time.


TheStepster said...


Gnetch said...

Hey, I hope your mom gets better soon.

Ty ♥ KeLLs said...

awe im sorry! hope your mom isn't in a lot of pain. i've broken my legs 3 times -- so i def know the pain of a broken bone :( boo! [[hugs]]

zachary said...

Thanks people:)
She's fine. I left an autograph on her plasters;)

belle Armed said...

Lucky her, having someone taking care of her :)