Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get the hell out of my life

I'm surrounded by judgmental, insensitive, loud mouth, stuck up, lazy and really dumb people. The kind who likes to tell the whole fucking world that they are fucking busy, fucking stressed, fucking important and fucking hardworking. The kind that will sing and scream. The kind who gossips when they find the slightest chance to. The kind who will jump at the first opportunity to step on you when you're down. The kind who will fucking laugh at you and embarrass you to the point where you'd just give in and keep quiet. Fuck it. I don't tell the whole fucking world what I'm doing so don't fucking conclude that I'm lazy and not doing anything. I don't whine other than in my blog so don't think that my life is easier compared to you. What I'm doing out of office, I do not share. So don't think that I'm having a blast in and out of office. Fuck these fuckers. You can fucking kiss my flat ass! I'm convinced that being alone by yourself is getting harder by the day. I'm relieved to know that karfai is still around as and when I need him. I adore non-schizos. How they live their lives.


TheStepster said...

Hah. Tell me about it. Eyeroll.

Trouble said...

Yeah! Fuck those fuckers!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope, it's OK