Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogging, really?

Why blog?
There is no specific reason. Not at least to hop on the bandwagon since many have already started blogging.

Bloggers are self centered? Maybe. They view life as many things that orbit around them. But what's wrong with being self centered when everything that you do or do not lies in your own hands? Decisions and/or non-decisions lie in your own prerogatives. I do not see the problem in being labelled self centered.
Labelling is another word and/or conduct i hate the most. I will keep a rain check to discuss them in my later posts.
However, there is a moral gauge which i believe could keep a tab on a blogger's credibility ( oh yes, credibility it is ) at least. Please realise and start embracing this. Read closely;
"Do not promote yourself "
Sounds pedestrian. More so if you are doing it.
What? Isn't exposing your thoughts and ideas online to all and sundry inevitably promotes yourself ? Yea i guess but hey i mentioned about the gauge thingy no? Scroll up.
Gauge. One shall not represent themselves to be someone they are not. Many tried nonetheless. To be cool, so to speak. Be yourself. Be sincere. Be truthful. Again, these are just one fraction of what i had and believed in my mind.
So, the next question : Are you prepared to re-discover yourself without having the fear of falling into a trap where strangers find themselves at the liberty to peek into your life and judge you for the words that you used?
Fear. I do not wish to discuss them now.
The sole reason i blog is to capture the moments worthy of reflection and recollection when i get all nostalgic and bluesy. Diary? No. Blog? Yes. Blogging is capable of doing more than writing a diary does.
Blogging invites readers. Readers invite ideas. Ideas invite evaluations. Evaluations invite alternatives. Alternatives invite solutions. Solution/s invites happiness.
p/s: these are my guidelines. If at all i contradict myself, feel free to persuade me to amend this post:)

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