Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hotchpotch Attempt To Understanding Happiness

I believe one shall understand the meaning of sadness to grasp the idea of happiness, vice versa.
I chanced upon my dad's 70's torn dictionary and here's what i found. Happiness : joy; glad, pleasant feeling.

Here's my attempt to breathe life into these words. Happiness is when;

-You have someone to motivate you when things go tough,

-You have someone who tells you the truth,

-You have someone who reciprocates to your thoughts with shared compassion,

-You are liberated from the restrictions and/or limitations to write,

-You are able to step away from your dilemmas and evaluate them from afar,

-You win an application,

-You have enough cash for the last Guinness,

-You don't understeer into your favourite bend,

-Your carburettor belting out soothing tunes to you,

-You know you do not have outstanding bills,

-You are able to sleep at conventional bedtime hours,

-You are not treating your work as a job but as your passion and expertise,

-You excel in areas you doubt your own capabilities,

-You have sustainable democracy in your country,

-You have a speaker's corner at Dataran Merdeka,

-You are able to tell truth from a whitewash,

-You can sing and dance on the streets not drunk,

-You stop someone from suicidal intent,

-You can converse freely with total strangers and learn a thing or two from them,

-You can combat smoking urge,

-You can relate to lyrics from your favourite artists,

-You have a plan,

-You have a passion for something,

-You don't feel sorry for yourself,

-You find a great piece of writing,

-You have a good pair of knees,

-You are not a product of social stigmas,

-You meet Zooey Deschanel in person,

-You are a friend to the late Kurt Cobain,

-You are listening to a new song from The Pixies,

-You can cry to Gary Moore's guitar riffs,

-You can dance onstage with the late Janis Joplin,

-I sprinkled onto you drops of happiness for you to reflect.



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