Monday, February 8, 2010

Ironically Silly Redundancy

At the time of writing this piece of entry i realised i have not been posting for quite some time. So, effectively this would be the first entry i am posting for 2010.

Things have been bad. I know it is not a very encouraging thing to say at this moment but the fact remains similar to what i have expected, well predicted actually, so stop halucinating with me.

I have been vulgar to many. In fact my last draft was laced with vulgarities i felt fortunate not to have it published. At a time when i thought karma is eclipsing, i was met with tonnes of disappointment i felt sick typing them out.

Just a short notice this time though. I am currently employed by a bank on a 12-9am shift catering to American clients. Incidentally, this would mean i would have to adapt to a reversed lifesyle. Sad enough i would have to give a red flag to my regular 'sessions' with my close buddies. Who the heck drinks in the morning? Fine. Wallet got thicker, urges go stronger too.

My point , if you have not known my babbling writing style, is nothing actually.. Well, maybe just one. I will now submit an entry every fortnight. I'll try.

p/s: only read the letters in bold to save time. Read everything if you love me.


Anonymous said...

dude, u should have put your p/s: right above.
you can't let everyone finish reading only then you put your disclaimer.
yes, it;s total redundancy and you're kinda forcing everyone to love you.

Adn if you're wondering who the heck am i, yah it's me man.

zachary said...

Thanks for dropping by..
Well, it's actually working isn't it..
hmm.. i love you too:)

Anonymous said...

You've forgotten the "t" to "lifestyle" and i've read all your post but it doesn't mean i love you right???? haiyooooo

luigi ;-)

zachary said...

Marion Laget!! I'm so happy to see you here!
Thanks for reading my posts..How is your hair now? you should keep it short, i like it a lot:) Planning to move out from France?

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey!!! How could you recognize me so easily...shit... My hair are still short thanks, and i will keep it like this actually, I'm getting used to this cold weather so it's ok... Yeah planning to move out just need to find a job or another internship! hahaha I had a good opportunity but since fews days no more news from the contact looks like this plan doesn't work :-(
How is your job??? hahaha... Hey if i come back i will go with you for a beer in the morning no problem, we drink all day long in France!!!
take care

zachary said...

jajajajajaja.. i hope i can see you in the near future! If i ever go to France you must take very very good care of me, supply me with beer and cigarettes and local food jejejjjee...

It's easy to recognize you....Luigi? jejeje..
Don't worry too much about your offer..good things only come to people who have patience..I'm sure you will get a good offer soon! You take care ok?


Anonymous said...

ok, i will provide you with good wine, no stinky cheese but good food... See you soon! and you take are too

zachary said...

Au revoir ;)