Thursday, March 18, 2010


just where are your keys?! no! i threw them outside you see? ignorance made me throw up! grow up ,enough for now. i didn't see them outside. of course, they were there all the time, it's okay, you're inside, safe



Kinsey said...

I'm reading your posts everyday! And I have to say that they are very interesting and pretty good. My cousin has a blog and he's really into should look him up

I think you'll enjoy it!

zachary said...

why thank you:) I'm reading yours everyday too:)

I think i've been to sean's, lemme see.. I'll go over there now..

sarah said...


whenever i lose anything i get so flustered that i have to sit down and drink a glass of water.

Nevine said...

Amen! Interesting words, Zachary. And it does take courage to dream, and more courage to see the dream through. I also wanted to thank you for stopping in and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. Yes, I did see it. :-)


zachary said...

I seriously suspect i have ADHD but i'm not on Ritalin or something like that..

Well i guess losing things is part of the message but my emphasis was on losing focus on my dreams but i'm open to alternative interpretations.


zachary said...

Thank you for stopping by:)
I'm crazy bout your writings:)


Ella Unread said...

Cool...I'll be stopping by here more often :) thank you for following my blog!

zachary said...

You're welcome:)


HappyHourSue said...

Holy CRAP am i fascinated by your blog.

zachary said...

Happy Sue,
Thank you! I wanna be your son OMG i love you:)

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

i read this aloud to my best friend. that's how much i adore it.

zachary said...

les jeune fille a' les oiseaux,
oh my, thank you so much:) I appreciate it:)
Well, i kinda talk to myself sometimes and i really need to get this across to zach, to wake him up, so to speak.


Michael Bennett aka Hannibal Lecture said...

I popped in because of of something you said on 20sb, and Im really glad I did. You are a very good writer, I can't wait to finish this comment so I can read some more.