Saturday, March 20, 2010


as i alight from my wheeled cage, a deep breath ensued
filth, toxic, disease, stigma, prejudice befriended my lungs
hopelessness, restlessness, fatique, submissions burnt my retinas
I lit my Dunhill, tagging cancer to the bandits
dragged long enough to numb the damage

i swaggered to the soul portal, coffee to the mouth, ignorance to the gutter
pen parallel to emotions, evoking thoughts, ignored pedestrian thoughts
dirt, cum, thirst, lust,kissed my lips as i took a sip
coffee devoured
soon an observer's filth
history stained glass

another rich luxurious smoke dragged its way to my lungs
sympathy filled the trees on my lap
maddening ink coloured the filth free trees
paused, dumbstruck, traffic to thoughts

a plight from a little girl's eyes
hugging me tightly
cry for a chance

"there is nothing i could do to help you or the wolves"

sex currencies flew about
mannequin faced flesh catching the cash of life
eyes watered
notebook, pen, conscience, pity, teardrops
in the bag
left behind
the little girl
and my prayers

" A gift from the Senator" on the tin foil cabinet at the stall torched my heart
as i sighed at the teamwork they had opening human flesh for business.


Nevine said...

That's a biting swirl of words, Zachary. Like a hurricane...


Hope Chella said...

I like your writing style...Have you ever read Cellophane By Mac Wellman? I am not much of a writer but as a visual artist, after reading his work, I am convinced that he is "the man" haha

zachary said...

Thank you so much! I was so sad i need to write about her. I often go to dingy places looking for ideas, nowadays.

Hope Chella,
Thank you for the compliments:)
Am i not wrong in saying Mac Wellman is into playwright and plays? I've never read Cellophane i'm reading about him in Google now. Interesting..thanks for sharing:)

Hope Chella said...

He is. I like him so much because before reading him, I never realized that writer's could be as FREE as say, painters like myself. I imagine him as the Jackson Pollock of playwrights...

zachary said...

I gotta check out your work, i can't paint at all, all i can do is just sketching, with pencil and pen:(

Hope Chella said...

Eh, I don't draw much either anymore :( and because I'm enjoying talking to you, I'm going to follow your blog now :) I hope you keep writing good stuff!

zachary said...

lol!! hey, i browsing your blog right now, lotsa great great pictures:) i can't stop browsing them lol..

Hope Chella said...

Thanks =)

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

liberation, freedom- sounds wonderful. hugs right back to you. your prose is beautiful.

belle in arms said...

The way you write is like heaven to read, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Come on Zach, how much you pay to have such good comments??? hehehe
cheers! take care
luigi ;-)

zachary said...

Hey Luigi!:) I miss you:(
heheh..are you still in France?

Take care, you:)


zachary said...

les jeune fille a' les oiseaux,
thank you, i'm reading your blog right now:)

belle in arms,
thank you:) glad you like it:)