Monday, March 22, 2010


I have a dislocated shoulder (right)
I have a broken knee (left)
I have a broken 4th and 5th metacarpals (right)
I have hyper extensive digits
I am 26 and i have a flawless mind

I'm sick of being a machine, if only i could feel.


JenniAsh said...

I love this post. :)

wallflower said...

This is beautiful.
I love it. It makes me think about how we break internally. It makes me think about how desensitized we've become. It makes me think about how technological we've become.

zachary said...

Thank you for dropping by. You have no idea how much i appreciate your work.

Thank you so much:) I'm having aches on my body whenever it's cold:(
You're right. Apart from the aches i have, i don't feel more than a plant..


Kinsey said...

But you keep going and going and going and going.

Sam Liu said...

This is brilliant, ingenious. Short, yet superbly effective.

Juliette said...

Very creative post.
Keep up the good work.

-Juliette from WhereForArtThouRomeo

Julia said...

sometimes i wonder what's worse- to become numb or overemotional?
this picture made me think of the Tin Man.

zachary said...

The battery was really random. I was about to snap the picture when i saw the battery, so i thought battery=robot, okay, hell yea! hahaha...

Sam Liu,
Thanks for the very very flattering comment:) I've read a number of posts in your blog, you're a great writer. Razor sharp and machine precise.

Thank you:) how was your play? Thanks for dropping by..

poignant question! two distinct emotions inexplicably intertwined i do not understand til today. Am i being overtly emotional? Maybe, emotionally numb, numbed emotions, they mean the same thing to me like Pepsi and Coke, both soda.
Tin man? I do see some resemblance:)

Hope Chella said...

This picture makes me really happy :) hahahaa

Anonymous said...

As long as you can feel the beer in your throat... "Can you feel the love"??
Stuck in france yeah... miss you too ;-)
take care

Wynn Wygal said...

At first the picture was not loading and so I was attempting to empathize with someone (you) in a body cast.

But NOW I get it. Very good, very good.

Angie said...

At least you can "keep going and going" :D

Very cool.

zachary said...

Hope Chella,
Glad it made you happy:)

Oh no..don't talk about beer..hahaha..

Wynn Wygal,
Why thank you, that was very nice of you:)

Hahaha..thanks for dropping by, appreciate it:)

Nevine said...

Oh boy! What a thought. And that battery that wants to give him life is too big for him... too big. I feel the fellow will explode. That's not you you're talking about, is it? We're all machines in our own way...


zachary said...

I placed the battery at the very last minute before i snap the picture, it was a random idea..
That way, i do not have to draw the weiner on him lololol...oopss..


belle in arms said...

Great post, you write so well- with the few words you use, you manage to say a lot.

I know the feeling, I wish I could feel something as well.

ceritajanuari said...

Hi there, thanks for the add on 20sb! (sorry for the late thanks!)

I love this one! (don't ask why!) Just love it! A lot!

zachary said...

belle in arms,
Thank you for dropping by:)

Pleasure was mine:) thank you for dropping by:)


clear Mind is the best, flawless...i'm impressed!
just discovered your rad blog~
keep it up dude*

zachary said...

Thank you so much for dropping by:)
Your visit made me link back to your incredible blog. Truly amazing. I was most touched with this post

Thanks again:)

Violet said...

This is fantastic.
Love this blog.
Keep your insanity, it's a gift.

Violet said...

This is fantastic.
Love this blog.
Keep your insanity, it's a gift.