Friday, March 26, 2010


tasting death, poking stoke
anger going up in smoke
tango jango in the air
paralyze the angry snare
hope and faith gnarled in the mist
Wesson, dagger or maybe fist
peacock flaunting off the pan
come on Zacky be a man
Stalin fucking spit Lenin
Zacky fucking spit vermin
going up and going down
motherfucking ugly frown
peacock fucked by circus clown
lispy sticky bottled lips
licking biting peacock's tits
one, two take a breath
homing others into wrath
punching, typing for a post
exorcism of the ghost
life goes on after the post
for heat and waves go into prose
tired digits please stop now
before a shitface gets the pow

*my dad slept with his best friend's wife


Kinsey said...

Pretty damn clever!

The Stepster said...

I love this.

But ouch (your dad).

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

my favourite part was the Stalin-Lenin part and then you topped it with yourself and vermin. i found that ironic.
and sorry that you have to go thru this (your dad).

zachary said...

Thanks for the support guys. Appreciate it..

belle in arms said...

Parents are awful sometimes. You write so well, I enjoy reading your posts.

Trouble.Thinks said...

Please write more of these. Genius poet.

Ashlie said...

thanks for the comments.

i thought you said you suck at poetry.. quite the contrary. i actually always thought i sucked at poetry. it's been awhile since i've stumbled across someone's blog that actually caught my attention. keep it up. please.

Wynn Wygal said...

I love this. The rhyme scheme is unique yet astutely formulaic. My favorite line is most definitely, "peacock fucked by circus clown".

christina said...

My kind of poem.

christina said...

Word vomit and poetic spits.

Pauline Joy said...

i enjoy the words &syntax, but what did your mom say?

zachary said...

belle in arms,
Thank you, i enjoy reading your posts too:)

Trouble.Thinks,Ashlie,Wynn Wygal,
Thank you for the kind words,the words just came out from my head and it was pretty spontaneous, i was surprised too. Glad you guys like it:)

Pauline Joy,
Thanks for dropping by. Well she's pretty much used to it over the years, this is not the first time.

Thanks for dropping by, you lit up my day:)