Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Kinsey said...

One of my favorite songs on my iPod!!

Juliette said...

Listening to Cher always reminds me of my mom.
Good song :]

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

Ancho Poncho said...

saw your comment. thanks thanks chico :) yous a pretty cool guy yourself

Melanie's Randomness said...

This is actually one of my favorite songs! I love that you put a Kurt Cobain quote on my blog. He was nuts but some of his quotes were just amazing & so true. Thanks sweetie!

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

love this! Cher is classic :)

K said...

oh how perfect.
you know?

zachary said...

It just happened to me that i gotta get this song when i heard it again on the radio:)

That's lovely! Glad you like it:)

Ancho Poncho,
LOL you're over-praising me:) Your latest post, the drawings took my lungs away!

Yeah, Kurt is Kurt dude..anytime of the day:) I love your blog:)

les jeune fille a' les oiseaux,
You like it! I'm really glad. Hey, thanks for the video dedication, that's was really sweet:)

LOL yea i know! Very.Very.Beautiful song:)

Guys, just a quick update, I won't be posting in a week or so, internet got busted:( Stay tuned and love you guys!

HappyHourSue said...

Love it, love it, love it.
The most perfect post I've seen all day.

JenniAsh said...

Love it!

zachary said...

HappyHourSue, JenniAsh,

Thank you so much for dropping by:)
I'm glad you guys love the song:)

emelyn said...

RIP Kurt.. Thank for the post K

zachary said...

Thank you for dropping by..
I love this song! Glad you loved it too:)

sarah said...

my dad loves this song,
we sing it really loud in his truck.

christina said...

Thanks for the comments on my page. They make me want to keep my blog going in a way as I've become discouraged. You're my favorite reader.

zachary said...

Oh crap Christina, don't ever say that, I'm always thrilled when i see a new update on your blog. I honestly think you are a genius, i can see it through your posts, really. You are the reason i'm keeping mine going too. You know?
You are my favorite blogger, you are you.