Monday, March 8, 2010

Once In a Lifetime

Hey guys this is a video recording of the Talking Heads belting out the classic hit Once In A Lifetime Take your time off and sing along to it. Dance if you could:) Enjoy:)



Anonymous said...

Here comes the comment :
:-s, "That's the way ... I like it ...."

zachary said...

Hey, you know i forwarded this video to John before posting it here. We had a great time laughing at his moves. It's a great song. Song with lyrics which actually mean something:)

Anonymous said...

Héhéhé... Feeling relief to know that you also laugh a lot... I was afraid to offend you by laughing at your idol ;-) I had to look for the lyrics on the net to understand everything :-( and after this i start to like more actually!!
Btw John has the same dancing style!

zachary said...

hahahaha...i do laugh a lot,especially on weird things:) Yea actually John do dances like that:)
Oppss forgot to attach the lyrics :S
Glad you like it, will post more videos from time to out! Strawberry Fields (Forever) by the Beatles is on the way:)
Take care Marion..