Monday, April 19, 2010

Kuala Lumpur

This city i live in is consuming me alive, with pancreas and all. This is a place where you see a lot of sad people, frowns permanently affixed on their faces even when they smile. The whole damn city operates on loneliness, the main currency traded around here came from loneliness, the city existed and sustained because the people are lonely. This city suffers from insomnia. People in this city have one thing in common. They are lonely. They share stories about how lonely they are. They abuse alcohol, drugs and anything worth abusing including themselves. All these were muffled by the city's bright lights, day in day out, 24/7, 365 days a year. The lonelier the people are, the richer the city is. It's all math, simple math, not algebra, logarithm kinda math. I'll tell you the rest when i find a new spot to beg.


The Stepster said...

I find myself smiling at this entry.

madison said...

You are charming, Darling. Brilliant. I love this. Visit me sometime, follow if you'd like.

Gnetch said...

Dang! Really? Maybe I'll go visit Malaysia some time. But I think I will make the people frown even more.

And don't worry about the *stuff*. I do it to. Haha.

Kinsey said...

Well, I won't be visiting you anytime soon.

Shuuu said...

Being from KL I understand what u mean (though i like to say that im from PJ).

We are lonely, and then we look for relationships to fill in that loneliness and sometimes engage in mindless sex for temporary relief.

I myself like abusing alcohol lol too bad my friends are too goody to accompany me

zachary said...

I sorta connected to this since i've somehow successfully morphed myself into a nocturnal little pussy cat roaming the streets in KL and i was surprised how little they cared for each other. I picked a spot right next to a busy intersection, sipping coffee, observing the large crowd huming and buzzing around the streets, nocturnal cats, just like me. I mean surely they have a home to go back to, i can relate why they were still out and about.
The wee hours businesses were phenomenal, eateries, coffee shop, pubs, brothel*cough* even bookstores wtf?
So you do the math. Prolly i was just generalizing, or not. just because..
KLites, try not to drive around town. Walk the streets, talk to the people,you'll know what i mean.

And Madison, i adore you:)

Shuuu said...

I would be one of those nocturnal pussy cats roaming the streets (and clubs) if my family would just let me go out till late at night DX it sucks to be a girl

Ah brothels would be very popular at night i can imagine haha bookstores also, i mean i myself like to read late at night.

When I'm in KL i will be walking but the people walking around me scares me sometimes, though to hear their stories would be interesting

bella said...

if you must know,

i followed you for your profile picture.

take that! en garde!

zachary said...

HAHAHA!!! I appreciate your honesty. Well, i've followed you privately all along. I'm gonna make it public now..*smooooch*

Trouble.Thinks said...

that is sad. because life is really what we make it. if we want happiness, we can find it. if we want companionship, we can find it. if we want anything, we can pretty much find it somewhere... that's what i think anyways. our destiny lies within us.