Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shit! as i look at the reflection on my rear view mirror, you are one pathetic bored out of skull asshole.

"Cut me some slacks, I just wanna kill the vermins in my head, driving is therapeutic for me, the roar as the venturi swallows magic from the jets, the vibrations emitted from the axles, the lobes and lifting of an euphoric whoosh across the incandescent counter, you see? I've driven for miles tonight but I just don't think I'm prepared to take the freeway home, just one last trip down to memory lane. Your elementary school? wisps of hair between that bastard's fingers? You kidding me? You've brought nonsense to a new level! Say what you want dingo. I'm heading there right now. Get outta my car! Yeah like i could..Then shut the fuck up okay? Let's get outta here, I think I lost my way. Proud imbecile. Hey, you know this place where no one has ever been to? I know the way, you wanna come along? Where? It's in your head, you just make it up, throw in some of your favorite things in life, undo all the shit you've soaked yourself into and be prepared to submit to faith, your chosen faith, not religion kinda faith. Whatever man, I'm starting to worry. Leave that behind, you're coming with me. I think I know what you mean Zach, you can't possibly drive to this place. I'm sorry. It is not a destination. No one could. Kar Fai, I thought I've told you. I know this place too well. I'm just fucking with you. Let's go home."

Just as I exit into the highway the word "nirvana" re-appeared on the rust devoured signboard. I took my hands off the steering wheel. Kar Fai was killed almost immediately as I clear my head typing this out relishing the sweet victory over myself.


bella said...

honesty is the best policy:
have been trying to comment for roughly ten minutes, but you-know-what?
this is way too deep to be commented on.

and now i'm analysing you. trippy

bella said...

oh, i take it back about the profile picture thing.

i mean, it's a rockin' picture and all that, but i don't follow if you haven't got something worth saying.

feel better?

zachary said...

relax bella:), i understood you clearly right from the start:) I'm still feeling flattered heheh..

well, to make the post clearer, i just killed my alter ego.

Kinsey said...

hmmmm, it took some time for me to figure it all out, but I get it now. Good stuff!

zachary said...

Honestly i can't write serious, touchy feely, personal stuff..etc
So i kinda look at it from a narrator's view and relate my feelings in a theatrical way so it won't get all too sappy and gross ;p

I'm glad you liked them. Thank you.

I read it again and again and i just realized it sounded a little bit porno but NO. It wasn't meant to be that way. Readers,you have been warned hahahahahaha...

Sam Liu said...

I've re-read it, I think I understand it, but even if I don't, I think that adds to its intriguing, excellent post.

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

It is not a destination. No one could.

or so you say.
or so he says?

I think you could.

and, by the way, in reply to your post on my poem: I am there in spirit! :)

Shuuu said...

when i read it it almost seemed like you're overcoming that voice in your head, like a schizophrenic hahahah it didn't sound like porno to me

zachary said...

BULLSEYE Shuuu! You got it!

K said...

love this post. it reminds me of Fight Club..
glad you won out

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

zach, I'm replying to you here:
are you all right??

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

I think you should be glad about them! to be honest, there's not a mistake I've made that I want to take back- and i've made some pretty hearty mistakes. They form you, mold you, teach you- and in turn you learn from them. so I think you should not be embarrassed about them at. all. because you learned something, I'm sure.

Gnetch said...

This is a badass post, Zac. I just became your new follower!