Saturday, July 24, 2010

whenever i'm feeling weird, funky inside out and restless, for not having to finish something or absurdly short-changed regardless of whether i know what i've fucked up, a short note will usually follow, to consistently remind myself that life is but a random page in a book, a page on a blog, a piece of chocolate in a box, unpredictably pleasant and expectedly bitter which nourishes your soul day and night at any given moment, liable to be swept aside shall you choose to put a closure to that fraction for a more interesting random page in a book, a fancier blog, a sexier piece of chocolate but the rescission of that fraction hinges on one thing, a note, THIS note. This note reminds me that should i fail again this time, i will look back at it exactly* like how you look at THIS note once you're finish reading this.

* i wouldn't understand a single thing that came out from my fucking messed up head. Cut it off already.


Gnetch said...

Well, well, well... Look who's back!


Glad you're back!

zachary said...

lol..thanks Gnetch:)
can't wait to read your blog again!

yunita said...

You know what? i did that too, making random notes when I'm angry or bump out and then few days after i would read it again and feel stupid for writing it.

hey, you're back..