Saturday, September 18, 2010

I actually have something to say. Something to leave you ponder a little. Now I know reading from a monitor screen sucks, at least for me, but just try to take this lightly, before we embark on an intelligent mind to mind discourse. Well, let's start by squeezing your brains..left, then right, in any order.

You are a building. Discuss.

I know right. Let's just enjoy this clip before we begin.


Mishieru said...

During my high school days, my classmates and i used to sing this song. Love love love it!

Trouble.Thinks said...

I am the old brick building in need of maintenance down the street with the neighbourhood coffee shop on the bottom floor, filled with a cluster of types... the regulars, the wanderers, the romantics, the intellectuals, the oddities... and a multitude of dwellings above on each floor...with fire escapes leading down to the graffitied alley. Someone planted some dahlias in their windowbox & someone else strung a clothesline across to the next building and have hung their rainbow wash out to dry in the sun. Music drifts down from the third floor & pieces of conversation drift in the breeze...

zachary said...


Miss you:)


Excellent! You passed with a distinction:)

I need some time to reply to this, it's beautiful and vivid, your description:)