Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two very dirty pan-handlers asked if they could borrow my cigarette lighter, to which I said yes. Stains removed twice but only after I've decided not to bin it, twice.

I reminded myself that I am not that clean to judge afterall, twice. Humanity IS though, to judge and cast insiders out. Sad but true, proud of my reflection. Done. Offline. Shower.


Mishieru said...

I agree! We don't have the right to judge people. Only He above can do that.

zachary said...

Correct. Sadly, not many would agree. We live in a society full of forgetful people, forgetting things by choice or otherwise. As much as i love to think that we are all brothers and sisters, I hate to say that there are certain people that i'd love to cast my prejudice upon based on my individual assessment of who they are. Sad but true. Working on that. Gotta stop being an a$$hole.