Sunday, September 12, 2010

Suffice to say that I believe in the existence of God. Not one but probably few. A born Polytheistic, on the verge of turning into an Atheist and now, came to understand and acknowledged His existence.

On the lightest note, I've never pondered or asked about His name, I mean, if you're gonna believe and steer your life in tune with His and/or His followers "teachings", it's trite to stress you gotta know who He is.

Naturally, the next question would be " Is God His name? " Now, if religion is but a concept, surely God would be given a name, the buttress of all things nice. [?]

Well, i was just thinking of this when i accidently blurted that the word "God" is actually His name, not a status, ranking, being and all that stuff. Silence.

If God IS a name, what kind of name is that? I mean, I don't even know what to call someone with the name, either, Goddard or Godffrey. God?

Too late, you've read all the way down the content. Sorry if you felt your eyes and brains have been molested in any possible ways. I might as well shut the hell up. But who sets the standards on what and what not to say? This contrived idea of sensitive, personal kinda subject attached to all of God's believers. Are these things really sensitive? Well, I just thought you gotta explain to those with no knowledge to what you believe in. It's a responsibility.

Nevertheless, If I chance upon a friend by the names mentioned above, I'd love to call them God when I get close to them.

Like Lord Goddard. Lord or God? I gotta make up my mind but that's because I'm neither a sensitive person nor one who are sensitive to others. I'm just inquisitive, in a sensible way, subjective, nonetheless. I'll leave it to you what you wanna call me and yes, you can call me a DOG, just because I barked at you, yet to bite.


Gnetch said...

Zac, this is the most honest post I've read in weeks!!! :)

Trouble.Thinks said...

Goddard or Godffrey!!! haha, that made me laugh.

Mishieru said...

God has different names to each religion but i think it's not that important wether what really is His name. Faith alone is the important thing meaning you know He exist.

You made me remember the song "One of Us" by Joan Osborne.

zachary said...

Gnetch, Trouble.Thinks, Mishieru,

Thank you for reading.


Mohd Fairuz said...

If one says he believe in God, does that mean knows God?

An athiest who went to be a believer, you need to share your thoughts?