Thursday, November 19, 2009

Karma (?) at Work?

Karma (Sanskrit) in Indian religion is the concept of 'action' or 'deed' understood as that which causes the entire cycle of samsara (cause and effect) originating in ancient India and treated in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies. Every action has a reaction which creates a chain of follow up actions. "What you sow is what you reap". There is a cause for every effect and every effect has a cause. The law says that if you do an evil action, the fruit will be dukha or pain, and if you do a pious karma then the is fruit sukha or happiness. Click here for a better understanding of Karma.
Having the crux of Karma explained, i will now put my reflection in words. For the past few months, i have been in a series of dukha, starting from my Black-Out episode back in July (something i have been working so hard just went, well, black-out). Then i was rejected by all the corporate firms i applied for (a JOB) and i was involved in the most silly accident ever.
I was dazed and confused. Perhaps, i was supposed to soldier-on back in July. So, bad Karma claimed my luck. Accuse me of being superstitious, label me paranoid, I don't give a hoot. Keep your Karma in check dudes. (yeehaa! It rhymes)
However, in the last couple of weeks, things began to change. I'm not equipped with Godly knowledge to understand this let alone explaining why, but i'll try to describe it as best as i could. Well, good vibrations are buzzing around me, I'm now feeling happier than ever, i see and feel a ray of hope opening up to me (hmmm..) , i am more content, simply put, I sensed that good things are coming back to me.
For starters, PGA Constable Fuad pulled me away from an 'unprecedented' mess and showed me the green light to scramble off from the Police Station, then, i received a job offer from a Bank, then, I had great partners to converse with and most important of all, someone which i thought i would not be able to keep in touch with (due to my unrelenting spiritual assault to the Zuckerbergs, yes it's Facebook) finally mailed me and we had a great conversation through MSN *panting* I will utilise the punctuations more.
Now, i still don't find any plausible reasons to explain these events save for the ideas of Karma.
Would i be too superstitious and paranoid to ask , What good deeds have i done lately to deserve all these? No. After all, siapa "sukha" dukha?


edreenelina said...

Superbly done!! I love your blog.I am a big fan..please do write more. I will be reading your blog every now and then....

zachary said...

Why thank you:) That was sweet:) Will keep writing yo..