Friday, November 20, 2009

Guesthouse In My Head

I received a call from a dear friend of mine, Dalila on 19th November, 2009 afternoon. She sounded excited as always. "Come visit me! I'm helping out at the Equator! Come quickly! I'm bored! and as always, every sentence would be accompanied by an exclamation mark. Loud and annoying, but i love her the way she is. So, i hurtled over, frowning over my hopeless day out and trying to think of some clever snapbacks to her notorious exclamations of "Hey check out that guy! He's cute! He's hot! drool drool and more drooling. Yuck.

Located at a stone's throw away from Kuala Lumpur Times Square

A minimalist approach to styling. Only basic stuffs. Who needs more when you are merely looking for a place to crash. It's a wonder how travellers spend most of their holidays within the vicinity of their chic hotels. Hard Rock Hotel owner once said that guests have everything they need in the hotel and so going out is an option. Not my cup of tea though. I prefer to crawl the streets looking for dingy pubs and seasoned roadside food stalls.

Potted plants at the porch. ???

Notice/Information Board displaying well, notice and informations

Now, this is interesting. The wall is adorned with pictures of guests from all over the world. Kinda reminds me of Bernie's

Comel hung on to me the moment i arrived and settled on the couch. Anna said Comel likes me. Apparently, cats only go to people they liked. Despite this, i can't seem to stop thinking how easy it would be to crush Comel with only one hand. He is so tiny lol..

While chilling at the guesthouse, i was visited by pieces of memories of me, John and Nicky having a blast at Melaka about 2-3 years ago. I remember vividly how we enjoyed every moment of our stay at Eastern Heritage, Melaka. We are a bunch of rascals by nature and we can be pretty 'yobbish' when circumstances require us to do so. We create the circumstances most of the time.

Travelling and staying in guesthouses go together. There is just so much a guesthouse could offer. You meet friendly , happy travellers who treat you like a friend , brothers after a few drinks. Guests usually hang out at the lounge area, chatting, drinking, sharing jokes and draw up masterplans on where to party at night.There's nothing better than talking to strangers and learning a thing or two from them. That's happiness for me.

Mingling with the locals is an essential part of travelling. You are still a foreigner in your own country if you don't. We were lucky enough to have met Yen and gang. It was impossible not to know him he is the owner of Eastern Heritage coupled with the fact that he conveniently parked himself right at his bar drinking Guinness all day long. Maybe fear has prompted us to dump our reluctance lightning fast before our faces could reveal the fear brewing inside long enough to produce a barrel of Stout. As it turned out,Yen was a really cool guy. Our decision made in a do or die situation was indeed the right one. The best one.

Yen's guesthouse, Eastern Heritage. The premise was built way back in 1918!

The living area of Eastern Heritage. Authentic dividers made of solid timber mind you:)

The exterior is equally charming with the carefully handcrafted floral motives sprawling along the refurbished wooden windows

This is Yen, owner of Eastern Heritage. Notice the mysterious facade behind the bar? It's coded W. Y. B. M. A. D. I. I. T. Y. above the arch. After a long persuasion, he decoded them in the most witty way ever. He quipped " Would you buy me a drink if i tell you?" Go figure.

I halted my train of thought to answer to Ava's greeting. Back to Equator.From left Dalila, Ava and Sophie.

I had a long chat with Ava (German), Sophie (Venezuelan and English) and Anna (American) at Equator. We exchanged facts of our history and culture to one another. So, i took the opportunity to engage Ava on the history of the Berlin Wall. I was thrilled when she mentioned to me she remembered 1989 ( the year the wall came crushing down) as if it was yesterday.

The Antifaschistischer Schutzwall also known as the Berliner Mauer, 'Iron Curtain', 'Death Strip' ( Berlin Wall) was built in 1969 by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) of the East Germany to separate the East from the 'Fascist' West Germany.

Ava recalled she was only 12 when the historic landmark event took place. That year, her family was planning for her mum's 50th birthday party. In March 1989, words have travelled that the Easterners have already began crossing over to the West Berlin en route Romania. So, immediately, they started inviting their relatives and friends from the East to the party. Ava recalled coming home one afternoon and saw her mum crying in front of the TV. " They are pulling down the Wall!" she exclaimed. They hugged and cried together. The party turned out to be the best ever not only for her mum but for the entire family and their friends.

Sophie on the other hand shared how Hugo Chavez took their ancestral lands and distributed them among the poor. While she acknowledged the brighter side of the socialist ideologies, she lamented the fact that the poor has to queue for miles for their sugar and milk hand-outs. We arrive at a common gorund that the flaw was in the manner in which the system has been carried out.

Anna explained why the Americans think the Canadians are weird haha..

So, the decision to answer Dali's call was the right one,best one indeed.Thanks for calling :)

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